Two Mothers

TWO MOTHERS October 15 2015 GMA Full Episode Replay Dailymotion 10.15.2015

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TWO MOTHERS is a Fillipino Daily Soap arive at GMA.Who is the real mother? The origin or birth? This is the story of Samantha and Audrey. Simple life of Audrey but will it all her brother’s death. She thinks Samantha, the bride of his brother, the cause of death. Adding to his grief fraud to him Bernard, her boyfriend. Thus, when met and were married Samantha and Bernard, he promised vengeance on them. Samantha’s because not so conceive, representing Audrey as a surrogate mother for her. Starting Audrey‘s revenge Timmy when he was born. Who is the real mother of Timmy? Samantha will prevail or Audrey? 

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TWO MOTHERS 10.15.2015

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